You don’t have to be ALL or NOTHING this holiday. You don’t have to give up on all your goals or feel guilty for eating Grandma’s cheesy potatoes!

I encourage you to practice healthy habits this week, while also ensuring you enjoy some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Check out my healthy holiday hacks above and below, check out why these will be beneficial to you:

Complete a harder workout the day before (could also be the morning of): This is going to increase your bodies metabolism by giving it the opportunity to better utilize the fats & carbs you consume. Instead of storing your Thanksgiving dinner, your body is in a better place to metabolize and use it as energy!

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day: Drinking water will support digestion, keep you energized, remove toxins, and the most important…avoid a holiday hangover from all the fun cocktails 😉

Spend Time Outside: Keep your circadian rhythm regulated, absorb some vitamin D, enhance your mood and more! Benefits of being outside are endless, so be sure to practice this one, even on the holidays!

Practice Gratitude: a healthy mindset goes a long way. Focus on all the good in your life throughout the day for improved mental & physical health, reduced stress and better sleep.

Protein & Fiber at Each Meal: Do this for breakfast/lunch leading up to the “big” dinner to ensure you get plenty of nutrient dense foods, and leave you from feeling ravenous and indulging. You will have more energy AND because protein thermogenic effect is the highest, you will use more calories AKA burn more throughout the day when digesting it!

Fill your Plate with Veggies & Protein: If you’re trying to stay balanced and aligned with your goals, this will allow you to eat the “fun” foods in moderation. Protein also activates the neurotransmitter, Orexin which provides a wakefulness feeling versus that typical turkey dinner couch potato feeling 🙂

Chew Slower, Take More Bites: Digestion starts in your mouth. You will allow digestive enzymes to activate, food to break down and make it easier on your body to digest the food (avoid stomach aches, acid reflux, etc). This will also give you a chance to truly enjoy the food!

Walk After Your Meal, Especially the Big One: Speaking of digestion, standing and moving after a meal will allow for the motility and digestive process to go smoother. This will also reduce blood sugar levels. Whether it’s 10, 20 or 30+ minutes, you will thank yourself!

Healthy Holiday Hacks



Hi, I'm Brittany, Owner and Coach at The Mindful Body Balance! I went to school for Business, but later  realized my passion was with nutrition and fitness, and helping other busy humans like myself create a healthy lifestyle that is manageable & sustainable!


It totally changed my life. I had really gotten to my heaviest I’ve ever been, not eating veggies, eating processed foods, on the go usually, not exercising. It had taken a toll on me emotionally too. I just want to be healthy for my family and a role model for my kids. I finally found a sustainable plan that focuses on healthy living. My mindset has just completely changed through this program. I had dieted for so many years searching for a program like this and I finally found it. It has been such a big part of my journey. And I can’t wait to see where I go from here.

- Jenna

Client Experience

I have lost over 15 pounds and, most importantly, kept it off. I feel better and have much more confidence in myself thanks to Britt’s guidance. Britt believed in & encouraged me to step outside my comfortable zone and take my fitness to the next level by becoming a group fitness instructor. This has changed my life. I discovered a passion I didn’t even know I had. I also ran my first 10K in November which is something I never thought I would do. Not only is Britt knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness, she’s also incredibly kind, hardworking and reliable. I can’t say enough about Britt and the positive impact she's had on my life.

- Kelly

Client Experience

Brittany has helped me tremendously with my goals. Not just physically, but mentally as well. She has guided me in the right direction, pushed me to be better and has educated me on the benefits of healthy living. I would not have reached my health goals without her! 

- Shustine

Client Experience

When I started working with Brittany, I weighed 216lbs with a goal to get under 200lbs. Fast forward almost two years later, I achieved this goal and was even able to maintain this healthy weight for me throughout the pandemic!

- Andrew

Client Experience


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