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It's time you improve your relationship with food, improve your digestion & gut health, gain energy, gain muscle and yes lose fat too!

Get EXCITED to learn how to properly detox your body, create a simple & quick healthy meal/snack, sleep better, minimize stress on the body, have happy hormones, a happy, healthy gut + MORE!


it is time to COMMIT to being mentally and physically STRONG!

I have designed a 7-week program  with science backed strategies to bring you a lifestyle solution and sustainable results. 

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a thriving you from the inside out

The seven week program that will transform your dietary mindset,  help you break unhealthy habits while creating sustainable healthy ones, break the dieting cycle and create longevity so you can finally feel really good, for good! 

✓The guidance you need from an experienced coach to help you build & implement the foundation to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

✓ 1 week of challenge prep guided by Coach Britt

✓ 3 weeks of learning about + implementing pillars of health to build a solid + sustainable healthy foundation

✓ Followed by 3 weeks of a guided "FLUSH" (aka detox) protocol

✓ 3 weeks worth of daily supplements to support the FLUSH protocol inclusive of a multi-vitamin protein shake, liver, gut, adrenal, blood sugar + thyroid support ($350 VALUE!!; Not included: all the delicious food you WILL eat during this flush!)

✓ Challenge workbook & journal providing you with endless guidance & resources to ensure a successful 7-week journey and beyond

✓ Nutrition Plan w/ Personalized Macro + Caloric Prescription

✓ Fitness Programming

✓ Recipes & Meal/Snack ideas

✓ A weekly zoom call with your coach & others facing similar challenges + working towards similar goals as you

✓ A weekly 1:1 check in and reflection review with Coach Britt

✓ Access to the state of the art client portal and app where you can track your biometrics, workouts, daily habits, progress pictures/measurements and interact directly with your coach and teammates.

✓ Community - exclusive, participants only group in the program app

✓ Accountability, support and direct access to a certified nutrition, fitness & mindset coach 7 days a week

✓ B Strong Swag

✓ Winner earns a 6 month membership to the Wellness Circle


the B Strong Challenge

the B Strong Challenge

the B Strong Challenge

the B Strong Challenge

Client Results

Client Results

It totally changed my life. I had really gotten to my heaviest I’ve ever been, not eating veggies, eating processed foods, on the go usually, not exercising. It had taken a toll on me emotionally too. I just want to be healthy for my family and a role model for my kids. I finally found a sustainable plan that focuses on healthy living. My mindset has just completely changed through this program. I had dieted for so many years searching for a program like this and I finally found it. It has been such a big part of my journey. And I can’t wait to see where I go from here.

- Jenna

Client Experience

I have lost over 15 pounds and, most importantly, kept it off. I feel better and have much more confidence in myself thanks to Britt’s guidance. Britt believed in & encouraged me to step outside my comfortable zone and take my fitness to the next level by becoming a group fitness instructor. This has changed my life. I discovered a passion I didn’t even know I had. I also ran my first 10K in November which is something I never thought I would do. Not only is Britt knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness, she’s also incredibly kind, hardworking and reliable. I can’t say enough about Britt and the positive impact she's had on my life.

- Kelly

Client Experience

Brittany has helped me tremendously with my goals. Not just physically, but mentally as well. She has guided me in the right direction, pushed me to be better and has educated me on the benefits of healthy living. I would not have reached my health goals without her! 

- Shustine

Client Experience

When I started working with Brittany, I weighed 216lbs with a goal to get under 200lbs. Fast forward almost two years later, I achieved this goal and was even able to maintain this healthy weight for me throughout the pandemic!

- Andrew

Client Experience

if your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to reach out to britt directly!


✓ The zoom calls will be an hour long. There will be a Q&A for participants to ask any questions they may have pertaining to their individual goals, challenges they face, etc. With it being a small, personalized group each client should get at least 10 minutes of time to discuss their progress + next steps.

✓ We all have joined programs and jumped right in with little to no time to prepare. This week gives you time to ask questions, get familiar with the protocols, grocery shop, prep food + more! Prep week is there to set you up for success!

Why is there a
Prep Week?

How are the LIVE
weekly videos structured?

What if I have an event (ie wedding/travel) during the program?

✓ We are busy people! It's hard to find 7 consecutive weeks where we do not have something going on. Please address this with Coach Britt as she will help you work through this.

Do I have to stop
drinking alcohol?

✓ It is NOT required, but highly encouraged to minimize alcohol within first 3 weeks + to eliminate during the last 3 weeks while completing the flush protocol. This will ensure you get the most out of the program and have the best experience!

Is there a Payment
Plan Available?

✓ Early bird pricing available for those who join the waitlist.

✓ You will have the option to pay in full or make 2-3 payments.


✓ Meal plans? NO, I want you to have more flexibility with food and less restriction!

✓ Meal ideas? YES, there will be recipes shared and you will be shown how to create a healthy, fulfilling meal!

Do I have to go
Gluten Free?

✓ During the first three weeks this will be optional. Throughout the last 3 weeks as we complete the FLUSH protocol it is highly recommended to eliminate gluten, dairy + soy. Don't worry you will have the resources + support you require to do this successfully!

Do I need to Purchase Shakes/Supplements?

✓ For the FLUSH protocol, yes! BUT these are included in the total price, so there will be no additional charges beyond your investment in the B Strong program.

  • Broke through 3 year weight loss plateau
  • Dropped 10+ lbs & 8+ inches
  • Energy has increased tremendously
  • No more winter blues
  • Falling asleep with no issues and resting well
  • Managing stress with ease

B Strong Participant
"Having accountability from Coach Britt and others was so helpful in achieving my goals and desired results. I am so proud of myself for finally moving through my weight loss resistance!"

Are you ready to get STRONG for life
and stop feeling like poo day in and out?


as part of this incredible journey, I will educate you on the WHY behind our strategies so you are well informed and inspired to implement them!

"I came off of blood pressure meds, lost inches, sleeping better, better mindset, better relationship with food and I’ve lost weight!"

"I no longer stress eat, boredom eat and have seen a total shift in my mindset! I lost one pound which means nothing because next up is the workouts and the general lifestyle I have achieved with Brittany! It’s a journey not a destination!"

"I have improved energy, less bloat, clear mind, lost weight AND inches, learned a journaling/gratitude practice, learned what nutrient dense meals can do to fuel my body, and have implemented digital detoxing into my routine for better sleep!"

"I feel the best I have in years, my inflammation is way down, my digestion is better, and I feel comfortable preparing meals knowing I am achieving my nutrition goals. I no longer wonder or feel like I am not getting the right foods in my body. I know exactly what is going to fuel me properly and it is so freeing!

I want these
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